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Dance CV


Oriental Dance and Arabic Folklore

Egyptian Teachers:

AHMED REFAAT – [21 hours including 18 hours of private sessions] - Pop Sha'abi, Tahteeb, Saiidi, Raqs Assaya, Megance, Melaya Leff, Nubian, Oriental Technique and Combinations
FARIDA FAHMY – [17 hours] - Oriental Farida's Style Technique and Combinations, Egyptian Folklore (Haggalah, Fellahin, Siwa, Bedouin), Reda Troupe History, Concept & Costuming (Melaya, Nubian, Saiidi, Haggalah, Fellahin, Ghawazee, Siwa, Bedouin, Muwashahat)
MAHMOUD REDA – [16 hours] - Egyptian Folklore Technique, Combinations and Choreography (Melaya, Saiidi, Nubian, Muwashahat), Reda’s Field Reseach and Folk Arts Archiving.
TITO SEIF – [14 hours] - Baladi & Tabla Solo Technique and Choreography, Megance with ISIS WINGS, Oriental Technique and Choreography, Saiidi with AssayaTechnique & Choreography
LUBNA EMAM – [12 hours] - Sha'abi Lubna style, Raqs Assaya Choreography, Oriental Technique and Choreography
AIDA NOUR – [9 hours] - Oriental Aida Style Technique and Choreography, Fellahin, Baladi Aida Nour Style.
MOHAMMED KAZAFY – [9 hours] - Oriental Shamadan Technique and Choreography, Oriental MeganceTechnique & Choreography, Oriental Oum Khaltoum Technique & Choreography
ZEINA – [6 hours] - Megance with veil Technique and Choreography, Baladi Song Technique and Choreography
WAEL MANSOUR – [3 hours] - Oriental Technique and Choreography
KHALED MAHMOUD - [3 hours] - Oriental song Technique and Choreography
ASHMAHAN – [3 hours] - Stagecraft Theory & Practice
CAMELIA – [3 hours] - Oriental Camelia Style Technique and Choreography
HATEM HAMDI - [3 hours] - Om Kalthoum Oriental Technique & Choreography
ABIR KAMAL - [3 hours] - Om Kalthoum song Technique & Choreography
FREIZ – [3 hours] - Oriental Old Style (Megance) Technique and Choreography
HASSAN AFIFI – [3 hours] – Oriental Megance Choreography
  LIZA LAZIZA – [3 hours] – Baladi Technique, Combinations and Transitions
NOUR – [3 hours] - Oriental Nour Style Technique and Choreography (Baladi Song)
  AHMED FEKRY – [3 hours] – Saiidi with Assaya Technique & Choreography
OUSAMA EMAM – [3 hours] – Classical Oriental Choreography
YOUSSRY SHARIF – [3 hours] - Drum Solo Technique & Choreography
NESRIN – [2 hours] – Reda-style Saiidi Technique and Choreography
NASRA EMAM – [2 hours] - Oriental Pop Technique and Choreography
WAFEEK KAMAL – [2 hours] - Eskandarany with Melaya Net Choreography
ESSAM SAID – [2 hours] – Reda-style Saiidi and Ghawazee Choreography
HASSAN (guest Egyptian dancer Notte Bianca 2009) – [3 hours] -: Saiidi technique and combinations, Port Said Technique and combinations, stagecraft

Greek Teachers/Mentors:
MARIA AYA – [15 hours, including privates] – Dance History, Theory and Costuming; Oriental Technique, Megance, Shaabi, Om Kalthoum, Ghawazee, Artistic Balady, Khaleegee, Dabke

Australian Teachers:
KETI SHARIF – [ongoing] – Teacher Training
BELYNDA AZHAAR – [18 hours] Scintillating Shimmies, Oriental with Veil, Folkloric Saiidi (Reda-style), Modern Egyptian with Veil, Middle Eastern Rhythms and Dance Combos with Sagat, Muwashahat, Fan Veil Fusion, Drum Solo.

American Teachers:
LUNA OF CAIRO - [2 hours] - Tarab song Technique and Choreography
HELENE ERIKSEN - [12 hours] - "Danse della Via della Seta & del Nord Africa" including Ghawazee, Tunisian, Classical Persian Dance, Khathak.
C. REITSMA via Bellydance Malta* – [190+ hours, including privates] – Classical Egyptian Technique, Combinations and Choreography (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), Saiidi, Sha’abi, Drum solo, Zaar, Spanish Fusion, Veil, Finger Cymbals; Isis Wings.
PORTIA LANGE – [10 hours, private sessions and group classes at Bellymotions Studio - Miami, Florida USA] - Foundation technique review, Saiidi with cane – technique and combinations, taqsim technique, drum solo choreography.
XIOMARA – [2 hours, group session at Bozenka’s Academy – Miami, Florida USA]: Advanced technique and combinations
LAURA KETCHLER – [3 hours, workshop at Sahara Dance studions – Washington D.C., USA): Arabic Pop Technique and Choreography

Canadian Teachers:
LAARYAH via Bellydance Malta* and Allegria Academia Flamenca - [150+ hours, including privates] – Bellydance Technique and Choreography (Beginner to Intermediate), Drum solo technique and Choreography, Cane, Veil, Double Veil, Finger Cymbals,

European Teachers:
LORNA OF CAIRO - [3 hours, private sessions] - Technique and Expression
MERCEDES NIETO - [3 hours] - Express Yourself - techniques and ideas for stage oriental dance
ATLANTIS via Bellydance Malta* - [75 hours] - American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Technique and Choreography (Beginners to Intermediate)
RANIYA – [2 hours, private session in Harleem – Amsterdam, Holland] - Drum solo Technique and choreography.

Brazilian Teachers:
KLARA BRASIL via Allegria Academia Flamenca – [20 hours] - Classical Egyptian Technique and Choreography, Veil.
 * co-founded by Jane

Festivals / Dance Intensives:

  • Salamat Festival (Cairo), July 2012
  • Nile Group Festival (Cairo), June 2012*
  • Intensive with Helene Eriksen in Rome, February 2012
  • Intensive with Belynda Azhaar in Malta, January 2012*
  • Intensive with Maria Aya in Malta, May 2011
  • Sphinx Festival (Cairo), December 2010*
  • Nile Group Festival (Cairo), April 2010*
  • Nile Group Festival (Cairo), June 2009*
  • Stockholm Bellydance Festival (Stockholm), May 2009*

    • * certificate available

      Besides the above training, Jane spends countless hours in research and self-study with a view of expanding her knowledge and creative skills in oriental music, dance and culture.

      Other Dance Styles

      • 2000 till 2006 – Flamenco Technique and styling with Rosana Maya, Ingrid Sciberras, Clyde, Sara @ Allegria Academia Flamenco (Allegrias, Bulerias, Tangos, Sevillianas, Segerias)
      • July 2005 and 2006 – Flamenco workshops with Francesca Grima (Bulerias and Tangos)
      • 2005 - 2006 – Flamenco technique with Svetlana @ Central Academy of Ballet
      • February 2001 – Flamenco Festival, Herez de la Frontera. Bulerias and Sevillianas with Maestro D. Juan de Parra. (Certificate Available)
      • August 2000 – Flamenco Technique & Choreography with Sharon Sapienza (Certificate Available)
      • Pre 2000
        - Modern & Jazz with Alishia Joy of Msida dance centre
        - Maltese folk dancing


      • MAY 2012 - Shimmy for Charity - World Bellydance Day Fundraiser Event in aid of Dar Fejda and Dar Jeanne Antide
      • JANUARY 2012 - Ya Habibi Hafla V "Layali Arabiya" - Arabian themed event with a full 5-course dinner featuring dance shows by Ya Habibi students and exclusive performance by BELYNDA AZHAAR @ Sharma Ethnic Cuisines.
      • JANUARY 2012 - Hosted an oriental and folklore dance intensive featuring International Master Teacher BELYNDA AZHAAR of Australia/Korea.
      • MAY 2011 - Ya Habibi Hafla IV - Arabian themed event with Lebanese Mezze featuring shows by Ya Habibi students and world reknowned MARIA AYA @ Black Pearl
      • MAY 2011 - Sponsored and hosted International Master Teacher MARIA AYA of Greece/Egypt to teach workshops in the first Egyptian Oriental and Folklore dance weekend by Ya Habibi School of Middle Eastern Dance.
      • JANUARY 2011 - Ya Habibi Hafla III - Arabian themed event with egyptian mezze and koshari, plus a full bellydance showcase by Jameelah and students @ Villa Madama, Balzan
      • JUNE 2010 – Ya Habibi Hafla II - Arabian themed event with a full arabic buffet and various bellydance performances @ Black Pearl, Ta’ Xbiex.
      • JUNE 2010 – Ya Habibi School Show - Charity Fundraiser in aid of The Malta Hospice Movement featuring a one hour dance showcase by Jameelah and students of Ya Habibi School of Middle Eastern Dance @ Baystreet, St. Julians
      • FEB 2010 – Ya Habibi Hafla I - Arabian themed event with mezzes and bellydance show @ ORANNG, St. Julians


      • MAY 2012 - Solo performance at TEATRO ORFEJ for "DEJA-VU" show by Malema's Banat, directed by Maria Aya, in ATHENS, GREECE.
      • FEBRUARY 2012 onwards - resident oriental dancer at Sharma Ethnic Cuisines, Mdina.
      • FEBRUARY 2012 - Duet with Belynda Azhaar at "Danse della via della Sete e del N.Africa" show featuring international dance ethnologist Helene Eriksen in San Lo', Rome (Italy).
      • NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2011 - Featured oriental dancer on "Entertain Me" TV Programme on Favourtie Channel, Malta.
      • OCTOBER 2011 - "Layali Al Qahira" @ Nottebianca, Valletta
      • SEPTEMBER 2011 - Folkloric and Oriental dance Showcase @ World Tourism Day in M'Scala, Marsalforn (Gozo), and Bugibba
      • SEPTEMBER 2011 - Folkloric Showcase @ Iljieli Melliehin, Mellieha.
      • SUMMER 2011 - resident oriental dancer at lebanese cafe in Ta' Xbiex.
      • MAY 2011 - Dance showcase @ Springfest
      • DECEMBER 2010 – Duet with Belynda Azhaar at the closing gala of the Sphinx Festival with Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy in the audience. Performance was aboard The Golden Pharoah Nile Dinner Cruise, Cairo – Egypt
      • SEPTEMBER 2010 – “Sequins in the City” @ NOTTE BIANCA, Valletta.
      • AUGUST 2010 – “Arabesque” Oriental Dance Showcase for MEMENTO NOSTRI’s debut albut launch @ Montekristo Estates
      • JUNE 2010 – Ya Habibi School Show in aid of The Malta Hospice Movement @ Baystreet, St. Julians (organizer)
      • JUNE 2010 – Egyptian Night organized by the Egyptian Tourism Board @ Westin Dragonara, St. Julians
      • MAY 2010 – Showcase @ Spring Horticultural Show, San Anton
      • MAR 2010 – Folkloric Showcase with live tabla, @ “Diversita Kulturali”, Kulleg Sta. Tereza B’Kara
      • DEC 2009 – Showcase at Fundraiser by Malta Heart Foundation @ San Antonin Hotel, Bugibba
      • OCT 2009 – Notte Bianca, Old Opera House Ruins, Valletta.
      • JUL 2009 – Womanspace 2009, Ghajn Tuffieha.
      • JUN 2009 – private pre-wedding party in Cairo
      • JUN 2009 – MostaFest, Mosta
      • MAY 2009 – Stockholm Bellydance Festival, Sweden as part of Fringe Benefits International
      • APR 2009 – BDM Showcase for Springfest @ San Anton, Attard.
      • DEC 2008 – TVM Programme "XARABANK" (show aired 2nd January 2009)
      • MAY 2008 – Earth Garden, Ta’ Qali

      Besides the above listed public performance highlights, Jameelah has performed for various private events including Maltese-Arabic wedding parties, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries and other family celebrations. She is also frequently requested for corporate performances, C&I events and restaurant entertainment.


      • 2006 – Flamenco Showcase @ Allegria with Francesca Grima
      • 2005 – Flamenco showcase @ Allegro Andante with Francesca Grima
      • 2001 – “Carmen”, a flamenco production by Allegria Academia Flamenca, Ta Qali Amphitheater and Citadella Gozo
      • 1998 – “CALAMITY JANE” musical at UOM as part of ‘Evenings on Campus’
      • 1995 – “HMS PINAFORE” professional musical by MADC at MCC in Valletta


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