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"rak"ing the rock, one shimmy at a time!



Testimonial by Portia Lange of Bellymotions, Florida USA:

“Jane is a magnificent woman, full of life, inspiration and determination. She has dedicated her life to the art of Middle Eastern Dance, teaching and performing in Malta and all around the globe. Graceful, heartfelt and authentic, Jane’s dance style reflects her warm and genuine persona. Her teaching style is structured and easy to follow. This young woman is taking Middle Eastern Dance to the next level! Don’t miss the opportunity to study with this rising star!”

Portia Lange and Jane, - Cairo, June 2009

Testimonial by another teacher based in the U.S.A.:


“Jane is energetic about, and committed to Egyptian cabaret and folkloric dances! She is professional and concise in breaking down dance technique and combinations while still keeping classes fun. She respects this art form and its traditions. Anyone would be privileged to begin their journey into Oriental dance with Jane as their instructor.”


Claudine, student at Ya Habibi since February 2012 (17.09.2012)

Hi, allow me to share my experience after joining the Ya Habibi School of Middle Eastern Dance earlier this year.

Initially I admit my intention was to learn a new past time and hobby however Jane’s enthusiasm as a teacher and love for the orient, and obviously Middle Eastern Dance, is infectious and takes over all us as her students. Jane’s dedication to learning, and in turn teaching, new choreographies and dance routines shines through, not only am I growing to appreciate and understand this oriental culture but I am now in love with this dance which is technical, and beautiful in its own right.

Dancing, as Jane will teach you, is a dignified art that allows me the freedom to express myself from within, in fact, I learnt and now feel that dancing is primarily a release of my inner happiness and in no way a show for others. Joining the Ya Habibi School has enabled me to discover a new form of dance, but maybe more importantly I have unexpectedly met the sweetest group of girls who have happily welcomed me into their circle of friends. So thank you Jane and all at Ya Habibi. Claudine!

Sharon Minuti, student at Ya Habibi since September 2010 (26.09.2011)

"Salam! I have been attending classes taught by Jane Camilleri for the past year and I have learned so many new techniques and amazing choreographies. The workshops , regular courses and choreographies are all really interesting. We work really hard to master the moves and the choreographies, and Jane does the lessons in such a way that we really enjoy learning and also manages to correct us in a fun way that we end up laughing at our own mistakes while learning it the good way :-)

The choreographies vary from the belly dancing everyone has an idea of, to folkloric dancing. When learning folkore choreographies, we also learn about the culture, origin, and way of living depending on which choreography we are learning which makes dancing even more interesting!

Joining Ya Habibi is definately a good way to gain confidence, relieve stress through dancing, learn new techniques, meet new people with same interests and perform at various events held throughout the year. Also, considering that lessons are taught by a professional who has done various workshops with well-known belly dancers abroad, we should feel lucky that we can learn these techniques in Malta."


“Belly dancing is quite the experience. My gawd, it is like discovering you have hinges in your body that you haven’t used in… say… 300 years. Where is the can of WD40 when you need it?! I am loving it though. Everyone once in a while, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror trying to get one particular isolation exercise and the look of deep concentration on my face and the tension in my shoulders is really quite amusing to behold. My teacher, Jane, has this elegance that makes her look like she has materialized out of thin air. She doesn’t seem to stand in front of me. It is more like she is suspended in front of me and may decide to evapourate away again at any moment. Someday, hopefully, I will embody such elegance.”

Excerpt from a blog by Louise Boultbee, Toronto (Canada) – February 2009:


"Great hafla with great dancing and great friends. Congratulations for another successful evening, Jane!"

“I loved your performance and was lucky enough to see this LIVE !!!
and by the looks of mahmoud and farida in the audience they just loved it too !!!
two thumbs up for the two of you"

"Just wanted to say thanks alot for yesterday. You had a great performance and everyone is talking about how much fun they had last night. You are an AMAZING Belly Dancer and I hope you continue to put a smile on people's face with your AWESOME talent. You're The Best!!''

"My biggest thanks to you. You made the night a very special one indeed... a great charming and talented lady... for the few moments we met made me discover you're a down to earth person... Keep it up, you surely deserve the best of luck..."

C.T., Hafla (January 2011):

Sandra Shemza, Sphinx Closing gala (Cairo, December 2010):

D.G., birthday party (November 2010):

C.G., birthday party (November 2010):

If you would like to contribute a testimonial about your experience at one of Jane’s classes, haflas or performances,

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